DPS911 - Release 1

About two weeks ago, I started a DPS911 Open Source Projects class, which is essentially a continuation of the previous DPS909 Topics in Open Source Development class that I took last year. The class size is much smaller, we have 4 students compared to the 30+ we had last time, which is nice the professor can spend more time with us as opposed to the entire 30+ class of students.

For this class, we are starting a project that my professor has envisioned, for now we are calling it unbundled. This project is meant to recreate an operating system for web development in a browser environment. The idea is to have features such as accessing directory of files, a code editor, command line terminal, sharing files, and more, be available in the browser for use on any operating system. The project isn't re-inventing the wheel, the technology is already there, we are just putting everything together. Brackets, for example, will be used for the code editor, while webtorrent will be used for file sharing.


For my first release, I took on issue #12, which was to create the docusaurus for the project. Docusaurus is a tool developed by Facebook to make it easy for teams to publish documentation websites without having to worry about the infrastructure and design details. The site contents are written in simple markdown code, and docusaurus generates a high quality website.

I created the first version of the files and put a pull request in. The PR did not initially get accepted. There was a few bugs, the color theme that I chose wasn't the best, and my some of my instructions weren't clear. I fixed all the problems and create a new PR which was then accepted.

I've learned a lot about git that I previously didn't know. I'm still relatively new to Git, so things like rebasing or pulling from upstream were all new concepts to me. I already feel like my Git skills are expanding.

The docusaurus site looks and feels much better after the improvements that I made. I changed the theme entirely, named the files correctly, and fixed a few other minor changes.

The site works correctly locally, however when up on gh-pages, there is a few resources missing. A few images and the main.css files cannot be reached. After a quick look, the files themselves are not missing, so it seems to be a linked error. I'll look into fixing this issue then I'll create a new PR.

New release

For my next release, I'll be working on sharing files using webtorrent. WebTorrent is a streaming torrent client for node.js and the browser. I've briefly looked into this and got parts of it working, however this week I will dive deeper into this. Stay tuned for my progress.


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