Space Colonization

By: Mat Babol
BTR820 - Research Methodologies and Project

This is a blog containing my list of my references that I will be using for my final research paper.

Why we need to explore the cosmos

Articles detailing the need for humanity to colonize the cosmos and the technology needed.

Moon landing anniversary shows us that NASA and Space exploration are worth their cost
Wallace Fowler, Professor of Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics

The many benefits of space exploration, which include space mining, new technology that can be used in our daily lives, colonization of other celestial bodies, and more
Gavin Whale

There's only one way for humanity to survive: go to mars. Interview with National Geographic's Michio Kaku.
Simon Worrall


The Kilopower is a portable nuclear fission reactor that is being developed for powering human outposts on the Moon and Mars. It has already went through multiple phases of testing, and passed everything with flying colors.

NASA's article on the Kilopower, a portable nuclear fission reactor.
Bryan Smith - Director, Space Flight Systems

Conference paper on the technicality of the Kilopower fission reactor, with multiple detailed diagrams and how it works.
Kuan-Lin Lee, Calin Tarau, William G. Anderson

Another technical journal describing the Kilopower reactor in detail. This journal describes exactly how the Kilopower reactor works.
Derek Beard, William G. Anderson, Calin Tarau, Mohammed Ababneh, Brian Schwartz, Kuan-Lin Lee

Detailed presentation on the potential different uses of Kilopower and current development stages. The Kilopower has been through multiple test phases, and passed every single one so far.
Gibson Marc, Mason Lee, Palac Don


Research paper discussing our need of colonizing space, what do we need to do this, and what does it mean for humans.

Interstellar Colonization
Alice Fox, Anna-Carolina Zuiderduin, Chris Fries, Jonathan de Haan, Lorenzo Oliveiri, Roos de Jong

SpaceX and Elon Musk

Elon Musk and his SpaceX are constantly pushing the limits of space technology. He is a big advocate of space exploration and colonization. SpaceX recently completed a major milestone by landing the Heavy Falcon's twin booster rockets, paving the way for cheaper reusable rockets.

Introduction to the Big Falcon Rocket (BFR), SpaceX's new rocket, meant to replace the aging Falcon Heavy.
Nicole Mortillaro

Article about the BFR and the new age of space exploration.
Devin Coldewey

Article by Elon Musk describing the history, current status, and future of the BFR. Elon is also describing his vision of future space colonization missions using the BFR, including trips to the Moon and Mars.
Elon Musk

3D Printing

Bringing extra tools and building materials would be extremely space and cost consuming. Engineers are trying to figure out a way to 3D-print the tools and building materials with the resources found in space.

Ramille Shah is finding ways of 3D printing tools and large buildings from the surrounding resources on Mars. The tools and building materials will be build from the Martian dust, which is found in abundance on the Martian surface.
Amanda Morris

Behrokh Khoshnevis, a NASA engineer, is leading a research into robots that can 3D-print buildings from concrete, that will then be applied to the technology at Mars.
Jamie D.


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