My first Pull Request

For the next lab for my Open Source class, the goal is to create a repository with a simple open source library, let other students contribute to my library, while I got the chance to contribute to their repositories. The library is meant to get simple file information, such as file name, file size, and sha1/MD5 digest. I decided to write my library in JavaScript. I created four empty functions, raises 4 issues, and then waited for someone else to create a pull request against my code. Lately I was the one that would go into different Git project, look through all the issues to find the good first issue label. It was a nice change to create these issues myself, and then place labels on them.

Eventually another student changed some of my code sent a pull request. I accepted it and merged his code together with him. I closed one of my issues, maybe someone else will come and help me out with the others.

Now I had to contribute to another student's project. I knew the basics of Git, how to clone a repository to my local machine, pulling, pushing. I never understood the concept of pull request, or how to do one. I previously tried submitting a pull request but I was always afraid that I would mess something up. This was the perfect opportunity for me to create my first pull request because this is a lab intended just for this, there is no way I can mess this up. I decided to go with feihaozi77's project BuildingJSLibrary. Feihaozi77 had 2 issues raised, one for an MD5 digest, and the other for a sha1 digest. I forked the project, cloned it to my local machine, and started working away on it. Once I had code that was working properly, I pushed it to my GitHub then created a Pull request for my issue. Creating the Pull request was much simpler then I thought! I had to select two branches to compare, I used my branch against the master, and I created the Pull request.

The author had some troubles running the code, I think my instructions weren't very clear. Let's hope the author accepts the pull request now after clearing it up!

I feel that with this lab complete, I learned a lot more about Git. I learned how to create and accept a Pull request, how to raise issues, what is a fork. I now feel comfortable working on larger projects and contributing to them.


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