Starting work on my first bug

This week I finally started working on one of my bugs. I decided to first start on the DevTools bug, since I got this one assigned to me first. Once I cloned the repo to my local machine, there were a few packages that I had to install first, mainly node and yarn. The README file was very easy to follow. A few weeks ago, I ran Firefox from source so I knew how to set it up. You can read up on my experience with that here. I had to download and build the source once again, fortunately this time I knew how to do this. So I had the correct version of Firefox running, now it's time to look into the bug!

The bug instructions are easy to understand, with easy to follow steps for reproduction. There is also a handy video for reference. Once I saw the "Learn More" button, I understood the problem. When the user hovers over the button, the entire row acts as a button, instead of just the image.

Definitely not a software breaking bug. Nonetheless, I'm excited to start working on this. After opening up the source code, I was amazed at the amount of files! I did not know where to begin. How do I find my small bug inside of all of this?! There was hundreds of JavaScript files inside of NetTools.

After looking through the files for some time, I found a file called timings-panel.js, I think this is it. After playing around with some of the code, I think I found the culprit.

The inside of the CSS class panel-container contains nothing about width, only height. So I try adding a width declarations to see what happens, and it worked! Eh, sort of. The width is changed for all the other panels, not what we want.

We're almost there though. Instead of adding a width declaration to the panel-container class, I decided to add another class to my div tag. I found an unused class called timings-label, that contains a width property only. The name itself suggests that this is what I need. Once I built and ran the project again, I found the bug was fixed. Success! My first bug is complete.

Bug is now complete, now I just need to submit it. That's also something I've never done before. I've done enough work for the day, that will have to wait till next blog. Stay posted while I complete my first Pull Request.


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