Bug 0.2 Release Fix

Hello once again! This is the last assignment for my Open Source. This was an incredible class that got me started in the open source world, and I will continue this journey after this class is over.

This was my 0.2 bug release. I found a few bugs to work on last blog, and now I am documenting my progress, and how I've completed it. For this release, I had 4 bugs to work on in total. The first bug was still ongoing bug from my first release that I haven't completed, it was for Thimble, a web-based code editor. Thimble is a unique code-editor, in the sense that it has a screen that is being updated in real time as the code is being written. It's a great learning tool for new programmers. The bug is relatively simple, the user is able to move the divider so far as to make each line on the editor a character. I simply need to add a min-width to both of the panes.

However the editor is made programmability, and I've been having troubles finding out where to fix this. I've asked around on the thimble chat, however I'm still waiting for a reply to finish this.

The next two bugs were both from a project called BlastPad_UI, which a simple, lightweight and modular CSS front-end framework, something similar to Bootstrap. This project is still in its early development stages, with plenty of issues available. Most of the issues were new features for the framework, and I decided to create themed switches/toggles, and then a timeline.

Both of these issues were interesting to work on. I had the freedom to be creative with my work, and I got the chance to write a good deal of code. I've created switches before, and therefore creating these switches was relatively easy, however coding a timeline was a brand new challenge for me.

The last bug that I completed was documentation for a Google Chrome extension called Anna. Anna is a  personal assistant on Google Chrome, similar to Siri, Cortana, or Google Now. A user can simply say "hey" before issuing a command, and Anna will complete that action. I wrote documentation on how to use Anna, this was all done in markdown on Github.

This was an interesting issue to work on. One of the previous labs that I worked on was solely documentation on Github, so I used the knowledge I gained there to create my documentation. It was an interesting project, I got to try out all the different voice commands for properly using Anna while seeing how it works in code.

Although I didn't get the chance to finish my Thimble bug for this release, I'm not giving up on it just yet and will continue working on it.

With this complete, I am now officially done my DPS 909 - Open Source class at Seneca college, I enjoyed it very much. Special thanks to my professor, David Humphrey, who is an excellent professor and really opened my eyes to the open source world. This was most definitely one of my favorite classes I've attended at Seneca College. I will try to continue down this road, even if only on my spare time, and keep contributing to other project.


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