Bug 0.2 Planning

This past week or two, I've been searching for good bugs to work on for my next release for my DPS909 Open Source class at Seneca College. I still have a bug that I haven't figured out during my first release, this was my from thimble, I will give this another shot.

During my search for bugs, I came across a project called Cuberite, which is a lightweight game server for MineCraft. I occasionally play MineCraft with my youngest brother, and so I thought I'd love to work on a bug for MineCraft. Before committing to a bug, I thought I'd try running the server and possibly reproducing one of the many bugs, unfortunately I couldn't even start the server! After some frustration, I decided I'll leave this until another time, I don't want to give up on it just yet, but my time is running out for release 0.2, and I can't be wasting time if I cant even get the server to start up properly.

For my next release, I wanted to write more code. For the 0.1 release, I wrote very little code in a very large project, the difficulty came in finding where the bug occurred, and not how to solve it. So for this release, I was hoping to find something that would give me the opportunity to write more code. For this, I found a project called BlastPad_UI, which is a lightweight CSS front-end framework. The project is very beginner-friendly, containing plenty of good-first-bugs. Some of these included documentation, adding parallax, create new layout designs, and other. I thought that creating a Timeline would be interesting, so I decided to take on this issue, aswell as one of the CSS layout issues, a switch/toggle. Both of these would require me to write a good amount of code which is exactly what I wanted.

So at this moment I have three bugs already. I previously had troubles with one of the bugs, hopefully this time around I can get to the bottom of it. I decided to get up a backup bug in case this one doesn't work out again. I found a Google Chrome extension called Anna, which is a personal assistant on Google, similar to Siri on Apple, Cortana on Windows, or Google Now. One of the issues required documentation, and although simple, it would require me to fully understand a project before properly documenting it for others to read from. I decided to ask for this bug. Now to get to coding and hopefully fix all my bugs! Stay tuned to see the results.


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