DPS911 - Release 2

This is my second release for the DPS911 - Open Source class. With this release, I created two pages for sharing resource files between users, one was for importing the files, and the other was for exporting. I am using Webtorrent streaming service for sharing the files. The pull request can be found here, while the issue is located here

I did have some trouble with this release. Initially, I had the user selecting local files to share instead of resource files. The pages themselves are very simple, most of the work was done in the back-end. The import page only has an input field for the magnetURI, and a download button download all the files. The export page automatically starts the torrent when opened, sharing all of the resource files, and displaying the magnetURI.

This release was simple, there's no extra features included such as number of seeders, progress, or number of files. All this will be included in the next release, which will include combining the pages into one, and  giving detailed information to the user about the torrent.

With this release, I learned a little about promises in JavaScript. A promise is an object that may produce a value in the future,either a resolves value or a not resolved value. I've used multiple promises in this release with the torrent.


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