DPS911 - Release 4

This is my fourth release for my Open Source class at Seneca College. With this release, I have multiple small bugs that I fixed, in addition to a build script that I built, and a react page for the sharing.

There were two small bugs that I have fixed for the documentation that I have completed in my first release. Both were linking errors for the docusaurus pages. The first issue that I fixed, was #50 - Broken docs, and the second one was #105 - Fix docs siteConfig.

All of the style sheets and images were missing for this issue. After a short investigation into the cause of this, I found out that all the resource files were linked incorrectly. The base url was set incorrectly to '/'  instead of the github pages url. After I fixed this, I cleaned up the code a little. I removed a few unnecessary headers, minified the svg file, removed users from the Docs, and cleaned up some code from the .gitignore file.

The next issue that I fixed was when the resource files for docusaurus werebeing linked properly on github-pages only, and not on the local machine, only on the local machine while testing.

This was a very simple fix. The baseUrl and url were both incorrectly set, I switched the 'next/' so that it's included in the url instead of the baseUrl. When a resource is being called, it is being called based off of the baseUrl, which in this case is '/'.

The next issue that I worked on was the build automation script. This script automated the building process, and moved all the build assets into one directory. As the project continues to grow, building every part of the project individually and placing it into the correct directory gets very tedious and time consuming.

The script consists mostly of a large promise, with a few included modules. Modules were needed to move the assets and create new directory. I did have troubles with this script, it took me a little longer to finish this issue. Since I was still relatively new to promises, I did not understand them fully. I really feel like this  issue helped me understand promises more, and it gave me the opportunity to research other modules to work with,and finally use them. Npm is a package manager, and I finally felt like I was using npm to the fullest. With my previous releases, I didn't get the chance to work with multiple modules like I did here.

The last issue that I worked on for this release, was converting my previous torrent page into a react page, issue 98 - convert all basic UI pages to React pages. The pull request can be found here.

I've added a few extra menu items to the react page, including Share, Terminal, and Files. Only the Share menu link is working, I have not worked on the other new links.

Initially, I had trouble linking the script and css files. I tried using require to include the files, however I was getting error doing it this way. Instead I added the files in the docusaurus siteConfig file.


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